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Short Essay On Parents

My parents are truly the best people put in this world. Yes, I know everyone thinks their parents are the bomb.com, but my parents truly are. They are so special. I honestly feel like God had put every goodness into them when they were created. Before you dismiss my claim hear me out. Here are ten reasons why my parents beat any others.

1. They are kindhearted!

My parents are the kind of parents that invite my friends over to spend the night with them. The kind of parents that overfeed my friends and won't take a "no" for a reason. The people who always see the best in people and all situations. The kind of individuals that put everyone and everything first to make the world a better place.

2. They have sacrificed so much!

They both left everything and everyone they were familiar with to bring my sister and me to America to receive an education. They knew if they kept us in Somalia we wouldn't reach the heights they knew we were capable of achieving. They left family, friends, 24/7 beautiful weather, and a place where they were accepted 100% without an image. To come to the world where they were outsiders just so my sister and I could get a quality education.

3. They are smart!

Whenever I think, I am like hella smart and know more than my parents I am always proved wrong. They aren't rude about it or anything, but they just simply let me have my fit before they put me back in my place. I am pretty sure they know just about everything. I have never asked them a question they didn't know the answer to. Now, that is super impressive.

4. They provide for me!

Growing up I never knew that when my parents didn't buy me something it wasn't because they hated me. It was either because they couldn't afford it or because I didn't need it. They have provided me with food and shelter. Here I am 20 years later, and they are still providing for me. Now they have the additional costs of paying for my college.

5. They encourage me!

I have never met anyone who supports me as much as my parents do. They are always giving me the encouragement I carve for. They tell me to ignore what the haters say and do what I want to do. They think I am capable of anything and everything and that makes me believe that I am actually capable of anything and everything.

6. They give me hope!

There have been so many times where I was slowly losing hope. Times where I didn't think there was any hope. But there were my parents always giving me hope and letting me know that the grass is greener on the other side and that the sun will shine through the clouds eventually. They told me never to lose hope because that is the only thing one can truly control.

7. They listen to me!

You might think this is a weird reason, but you wouldn't think that if you knew how just how much I talk. My mouth is constantly moving, and their ears are always open. They listen and let me speak to my heart's content. They hear what I have to say which means the absolute world to me.

8. They forgive me!

They have always forgiven me. They have forgiven me for breaking my mom's favorite plate to being late to curfew. They have always had the heart to overlook my shortcomings and forgive me without missing a beat.

9. They guide me!

They have had such an integral part in who I am today. They have helped me pick a religion that I love with all my heart. They have told me to take the high road and never mistreat any creation of the Lord. I am who I am of them in every way.

10. They love me unconditionally!

They don't want anything from me. They accept for everything that I am flaws and all. They give me love and support without wanting anything in return.

I told you my parents are the bomb.com. They are the best parents anyone could ask for. The kind of people you would never replace even if you had the choice to replace them with the Obamas. They are the perfect parents for me.

Thanks to God for the gift that is my parents!!

Parents are the closest people that we had, have or will have someday in our life. Our parents love us not because we are smart, or intelligent, or have a nice hair cut, but just because we are what we are – their children. I think that parental love is the most selfless and fair feeling among all others. Parental love is something constant, because my mother will love me, no matter, what grade I will get in the school, what job I will choose or anything else. My father still calls me “my little girl’ and I think it is great. I do not remember dramatic or traumatic events from my childhood – it was the happiest time of my life, and the most carefree. When for your parents you will always be a child – it is a wonderful thing.

My parents are true heroes for me!

When somebody asks me, whom I could name a hero, I do not remember Gandhi or Mother Theresa, because I think that it is my mother and my father. My parents are not known all over the globe; they did not change the world, but they decided to change their own life by giving a birth to me, they have been a whole universe for me and I think it is not less important than become the first man on the moon, for example. I could honestly say that growing up such person, as I, was not a simple task.

Heroes are always brave. I did not meet a person, who will be braver, than my parents. Just imagine: from the moment your child will make his first cry – you are not free anymore. Your schedule, mostly your career will, your plans will be based on the needs of your child. I am pretty sure that the decision to have a baby change your entire life. I did not know what is to be an unwanted baby, despite the pregnancy of my mother was unexpected. When I become older I have understood how brave my parents was when decided to have a baby, and it inspires me.

Heroes are always an exemplar, they teach us what “good” and “evil” means. I think that the most important example you will get if you will watch over your parents. My parents taught me how to be in a good mood even if you tired or have problems, how to treat their friends and what the word “friendship” means, how to maintain a good atmosphere in the family, and I hope that my family will be the same. I am sure that real heroes are not those, who saved the world in a movie or comics, but that one, whom every day make a little miracle for their nearest and dearest.

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Heroes always try to see the good in others and even in their enemies. My parents always made everything they can make me believe that I am especial, that I will achieve everything if I will work hard for it, that always taught me that there are no unsolved problems. When I was a difficult period in my life, and I remember that everything that I could produce, almost on the professional level, was trouble.My parents supported me even when my behavior was simply awful. I am grateful them for every time they supported me, every time they believe in me, even when I did not believe in myself at all. They see so much good in me that I simply could not betray their faith – it is a pretty good stimulus.

Children are a reflection of their parents

A few years ago I was sure that I have nothing similar with my parents, neither in the character nor appearance. I can see it in my mother – every day she’s becoming much more similar to my grandmother. She is even copying things that bother her from her mother.  But now I see a regularity: my parents become like my grandparents, and I would be simply a fool if will not face the true – I will be similar to my mother when the time passes. But I am not afraid or unhappy, I think that it is nice. I really hope that I will be a good mother, like my mother is, and I pray that I will find a man, who will be a good father and a husband, like my father is.

Our parents’ support and help are the main reason we are who we are.  They are the most amazing people that could exist on the planet. Ever step of my life, my little child defeats and victory they experience with me and I pray it would last as long as it possible.

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