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Dumpster Diving Argument Essay Template

On Dumpster Diving

By Lars Eighner

Dumpster diving: an art, a passion, or just a way to survive? This essay, written by Lars Eighner, basically covers the finer points and etiquette of dumpster diving. Eighner shows us in his essay how in every dumpster, and in every bag of garbage; there is a story to be told. He shows us how wasteful our society really is, and reasons with the audience how it really isn’t wrong to practice this ever-popular form of art and self sustainability.I think that the reason that Lars wrote this essay, was not because he wanted to teach people how to dumpster dive or to talk about his life story; but it was because he wanted to educate people about how this form of self sustainability is not so much a selfish or greedy act, but more an honest way to survive through poverty. Also, I believe that it is a statement to people everywhere, telling them that even though they might be living in the lowest societal realm, there is always an honest way to survive.

One of the ways that Eighner convinces the audience of his points is through many examples of his own personal experience; or logos. He shows this throughout the essay, whether it be telling a tale of how he manages to score fresh and hot pizzas for himself and his dog Lizbeth, or how he uses certain techniques to determine is the food he is scavenging is “maliciously contaminated” or not. Another way that Eighner convinces his audience and exemplifies his point is through metaphors. He uses this form of rhetorical strategy quite often, an in many forms. For example, on page seven of the essay Lars writes:

"Every grain of rice seems to be a maggot. Everything seems to stink. He can wipe the egg yoke off the found can, but he cannot erase the stigma of eating garbage out of his mind."

In conclusion, I believe that through many compelling and convincing writing strategies and the use of a multitude of facts and personal experiences, Eighner has definitely convinced me that Dumpster diving is not so much a sin, but more a way of life. So in memorial of this essay and also of the dog Lizbeth that died, I will capitalize the word "Dumpster" as a sign of my respect to the many people who live on the fringe of society, but still manage to cling on.

On Dumpster Diving A Rhetorical AnalysisIn the essay “On Dumpster Diving” by Lars Eighner, Eighner is trying to show the consumerist America how wasteful they are. Eighner did this by walking us through his views on ‘dumpster diving.’ This essay is partially informative but mostly persuasive. Eighner mostly uses a chronological as the structure of his essay, speaking about specific instances when he would dive. Eighner uses all three rhetorical appeals very well in his article, focusing subconsciously on the Pathos appeal.Lars Eighner is native born Texan who started to dumpster dive about a year before he because homeless. When he lost his job working at a hospital he put his savings into rent and finds mostly everything else from dumpsters. He lives off of them for three years, two of them without a roof over his head. He explains how he went about doing this, and being able to tell what food is safe to eat and items that can be used or sold. The audience for this essay could be one of two groups of people, the first being of course the wasteful people who live today. The second is actual dumpster divers. Although they may not be able to get a hold of the book

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