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Psy 104 Week 3 Assignment

Hello and Welcome City Council Members. My name is Mari Lair and I speak on behalf of myself and the rest of my team. I have been chosen to lead a developmental team that has created a proposal for a Recreational and Family Center for our community. This center is geared towards the children in our community for continued growth, educational activities, fun, and guidance. In this proposal you will be able to see how this center will provide a better future for our children and children to come. The center will provide 5 rooms each belonging to certain age groups ranging from infancy to adolescence. The center will also provide an outside recreation area that will include a pool, tennis court, playground, and picnic area. We will provide specialty classes that teach self defense, swimming, dance, karate, art of all kinds, and music. We will host a job fair for those who will be graduating and have conselors to assist our teens with any help they may need. Our younger children will get wonderful guidance from our many workers that will be with them from the time they arrive to the time they leave. We want to help the children who have absent or working parents that cannot provide these services to their children. Our goal is to enriched the minds of all the children in our community. Prepare our teens for what lies ahead of them in the near future. We can do all this with you help. Thank you for your time. ROOM #1 – Infant Room Ages 0-1 This room will be set up for infants ages 0-1. Our workers will provide a safe, secure, and stable environment for babies entering the room. All of our workers are certified in CPR and First Aid. We understand that this stage is very important for babies. Infants learn by example. By looking, touching, hearing, grasping, and sucking. In order to create a safe haven for these babies the room will include cribs, changing station, area to hold diapers and diaper bags, high chairs, clean areas for the babies to crawl, touch and feel center, color station, soothing music station, and rocking chairs to calm and

CENTERBright BeginningsIntroductory Paragraph :Hello and good morning City Council. My name is Cecily Humphries and I am here to introduce to you a new form of children's center to our town. The Bright Beginnings Community Center will be composed of five different rooms according to the five stages of your child's development. The center will feature rooms beginning from infants to adolescence. Children develop at different stages and this center will accommodate to all of your child's needs during their different stages of development. Here at Bright Beginnings we focus solely on your child's socioemotional, physical, and cognitive development. All of the care providers here will be trained to fit your child's individual needs. This isn't a normal child care service, this is not a daycare, this is a place where you can be at ease knowing that your child will be cared for. Our main goal here at Bright Beginnings is to provide the best possible care for your child based on their developmental needs and to love your child like they are our own.Room #1 – Infant Room Paragraph 1.In the infant room we will provide tummy time for your child. When a baby is awake andalert the best exercise so to speak is tummy time. During this time it is good to place your child on their stomach. Doing this encourages them to lift their head and chest off of the floor. Tummy time strengthens the back and neck muscles of the child. This also encourages the child to move their head which in the long run will help prevent the risk of SIDS (Fries, 2013)This activity will intensify physical advancement by fortifying the back and neck muscles which later will help with child rolling over, sitting and crawling. It additionally 2

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