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Unwanted Guest Essay Definition


In ancient Indian society, guests were as gods. They were paid high respect. Their feet were washed and the hosts considered them to be lucky if a guest arrived. They believed in ‘Atithi Devo Bhava’. But now things have changed. Guests are often not welcomed at all. There are many reasons for this. First of all, modern world is full of competition and in this competitive world; people have no time to entertain guests. Many people call on others without warning. Now unannounced guests are not welcomed. Besides, there are guests who talk a lot and they unnecessarily drag others in their personal lives. Some guests come with a view to observe what is happening in the host’s life and to criticize people. Then, there are guests who come to borrow money or things like books, scooter, car etc. Such guests are not welcomed at all. The guests who overstay in the host’s house are unwanted. Another reason for not welcoming guests is the rising prices. In today’s world, when the cost of living has gone so high, people cannot afford to have guests and entertain them for long. The guests who interfere in one’s personal life are also unwanted. In today’s world there are may be only few genuine guests. Genuine guests are always welcomed even today but only for a short while.

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The Persian phrase states that “ all fingers are not the same” unfortunately all guests don’t behave in a good way.

All are familiar with the concept that each finger in our hand are of different sizes.  Hence, in a very similar way, it is not always a pleasant experience to deal with each and every guest that visit us. Even the most amiable family, will face problems if, their guest behaves in a manner which is not acceptable of him or her, being a visitor.

Guests, dropping by unannounced, early morning

All of us, one time or the other, have faced problems dealing with guests whom we hated and could not tolerate. It can be honestly assumed that some of the guests are a pain in a wrong place due to some reason or the other.

Guests coming early morning when you have no idea they will come is a classic example of guests you don’t want to deal with. For example, if after waking up in the morning we find out that some of our relatives have come unannounced then it becomes very hard for us to welcome them. Why? Who comes early morning to someone’s house, that too a surprise visit, that’s just a big No-No!

Right after opening our eyes, if we find we have guests then we find ourselves at a disadvantage. Mornings are usually very busy for all of us and hence, unexpected guests at that time, is a bad news.

Guests who lacks manners are such a torture

Manners are essential for other people to like you. But alas, some people do not get that. We always tend to speak and behave very nicely with our guests, isn’t it? But when we see that they lack the common etiquette’s and decencies, then it makes us feel irritated and we just can’t wait for them to leave.

How would you like if your guest walks into your room without even knocking or goes right into your fridge and starts eating whatever is in there? You won’t like it and it’s okay to feel like that as guests aren’t supposed to behave like this. He or she can come in your room after letting you know and can actually ask you, in person, if he is feeling hungry. Using your stuff without asking you is something which annoys every individual.

Guests who love to poke their noses in your family matter

It is very nice to welcome your guests and make them feel at home when they visit your place. But, it is a whole different matter when they start interfering in your family matter. You must make sure that they know their boundaries. Guests with long nose to poke in your personal business is very hard to put up with. The best thing you can do is to not discuss your family matters in front of them and wait till they leave your house.


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