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Extreme Sports Article Essay For It

Originally Posted by bartdebsky

Why do some people try extreme sports?

Nowadays, there is a large number of activities to do in our daily life, but one of themsome are getting more and more popular all around the world.whichThese are called extreme sports among other things,and include kiteboarding, surfing, climbing, and sky diving.practiced by many enthusiasts. On the one hand, extreme sports give themoffer a great opportunity to compete not with theagainst other people but with theagainst nature’s forces.But on the other hand it is slightly more than this – there is an enormousthere are number ofother reasons why do some people try extreme sports.

Firstly, extreme sports are associated with the high pressure. They can involve speed and changes in atmospheric pressure that could have an impact on the blood pressure level, which has been proven by scientists to cause excitement. Many people are concerned withinterested in doing something risky. They have a strong desire to feel that adrenalin rush. is getting going, which it could improve their senses and makes that they can get better in their daily life.

Moreover, due to thedoing extreme sports can help people are able to face their fears and weaknesses, which itcan make someone feel mentally stronger. The high element of risk makes you feel alive, tests what you are made of and how far you can take yourself. Through engaging in those kinds of sports, the braves can take getting out of their fears. The fear that drives many people away from the risks of extreme sports may be the same ingredient that keeps others coming back for more.

Finally, not everyone wants to spend their time watching TV or playing computer games, and extreme sports are a good alternative for those who are looking for something little more exciting. Instead of sitting at home, they can enjoy extreme sports because they give them the opportunity to travel throughout the world to new and exciting places to experience the sport in a different way.

TheNonetheless, scientists still are working onare still looking for the definitive answer to why do people try extreme sports.and what is the focal factor which has impact on which they want to like to do. One thing is certain; extreme sports seem to be more and more popular all around the world and the number of fans ofparticipants in these activities is ever-increasing.

In the boom days, remember all those annoying feature stories on option-rich dot-commers enjoying themselves by partaking in extreme (and expensive) recreational activities such as skydiving and telemark skiing? Well, now that the boom is over and the economy is stalled, people are looking for good, cheap fun.

Instead of pricey sports requiring lots of expensive equipment and accessories, why not give extreme bowling a try? You risk few, if any injuries. However, it's highly likely you will feel extremely silly — but in a good way, of course. For $14 a person on Friday and Saturday nights (between 11:30 p.m. and 2 a.m.), you can aim for the glow-in-the-dark pins while being bombarded by flashing disco lights, loud music, and rolling fog at the Granada Bowl in Livermore. (And you though all they did in Livermore was build nuclear bombs.)

Also in the realm of dumb but entertaining is the growing sport of broomball. It's like hockey, in that the game is played on ice and the idea is to try to swat a small object into a goal. Here are the key differences: Players wear sneakers instead of skates; they use small brooms instead of hockey sticks; and they swat a plastic ball instead of a puck. Suggested accessories include a bike helmet, knee pads, and elbow pads. The Oakland Ice Center actually provides helmets, balls, and brooms to players. There is one catch: You have to rent out the rink to make the game happen. But as long as there are enough players, the game typically costs about $10 a person. More players also means more balls are put into play, making things all the crazier. By the by, play doesn't stop when a goal is scored.

For people who'd prefer to engage in a more relaxing activity, believe it or not, knitting is making a comeback. Well, at least it is with the younger set. The new knitters even have an acronym, so you know the trend is for real: HYUK (Hip, Young, Urban Knitters). A recent article in the Boston Globe reported that even guys (like hunk Ethan Zohn on Survivor) are casting their energies into needlework. Don't believe me? Check out www.craigslist.org and plug in the word "knitting" in the search field.

One final suggestion isn't totally cheap, but, hey, some of you may not have lost it all in the crash. You've heard of windsurfing, but you may not have heard of windsurfing's cheaper cousin, kitesurfing (also known as kiteboarding). It costs around $1,000 to buy all the crap you'll need: a control bar, harness, board, and kite. By contrast, windsurfing boards — just the boards — typically start at $1,000. Also, the boards used in kitesurfing are a lot smaller and can fit in the back of the car. Berkeley's Boardsports offers kitesurfing lessons ($80 for a three-hour beginner lesson) at Crown Beach in Alameda. Maybe this is the year to ride a kite instead of flying one.

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