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Essay On Difference Between Hollywood And Bollywood Songs

When it comes to entertainment, the first thing that strikes our mind is dance, music, play, comedy, romance, etc. In short, cinema is the best source of entertainment. Hollywood is the biggest cinema industry based in America, Bollywood accounts for a part of the Indian movie industry.

Bollywood and Hollywood are the world famous cinematic giants that won the hearts of billions of people, from their movies, music, dance, drama and especially the story line. These two are the apex movie industries giving each other a tough competition. That is why, it is hard to compare them, but you cannot ignore the fact that Hollywood Vs Bollywood is the hottest topic of debates.

So, this article is dedicated to all the movie buffs, who want to know the difference between Bollywood and Hollywood.

Content: Bollywood Vs Hollywood

  1. Comparison Chart
  2. Introduction
  3. Key Differences
  4. Conclusion

Comparison Chart

Basis for ComparisonBollywoodHollywood
MeaningBollywood is a name representing Hindi language Indian cinema.Hollywood is the popular film industry of America, that produces and distributes movies across the world.
NamesBollywood is named after Bombay (presently known as Mumbai) and Hollywood.Hollywood is named after a district near Los Angeles, California, United States.
Physical existenceNoYes
GrossingComparatively lessHighest in the world
Advanced technology and special effectsNot much usedHighly used
OutputHighComparatively less
SubjectsRomance, comedy, horror, drama, family oriented stuff, etc.Horror, science, fiction, romance, comedy, suspense, drama etc.
LanguageHindi, but other languages are also used.English, but other languages are also used.

Introduction to Bollywood

The Indian film industry is considered as the largest film producer in the world. Films produced across the country of varied culture forms part of the industry. One such part is Bollywood; that represents the Hindi cinema based in Mumbai, Maharashtra. It is the largest film industry in the country. When it comes to the number of films produced till now, Bollywood is the biggest among all the film industry across the world.

Bollywood movies are typically based on Indian culture, burning issues, stories or real life. The films move around a story that contains songs, dance, comedy, drama, suspense, romance i.e. all in one movie.

The term Bollywood is derived from two words, Bombay (former name of Mumbai) and Hollywood. The first movie Raja Harishchandra by Dadasaheb Phalke was released in 1913, which was a silent film. Alam Ara was the first Indian movie with the sound produced in 1931.

Introduction to Hollywood

Hollywood, as the name needs no introduction, it represents the American movie industry. It is a district near Los Angeles, California, the United States, which is known for its film industry that includes historic film studios. It is the largest and oldest motion picture industry across the world. Moreover, it is the highest grossing film producing industry. Hollywood movies are well known for its creative direction, adventures, technology, concept and special effects all around the world. The movies cast actors of different film industry also.

Hollywood movies are based on fiction, action, suspense, comedy, horror, romance and so on, where the movie focuses on a particular theme at a time. The first Hollywood movie was In Old California by D. W. Griffith in 1910.

Key Differences Between Bollywood and Hollywood

The paramount differences between Bollywood and Hollywood are indicated below:

  1. Bollywood refers to the Hindi-language motion picture industry of India. Hollywood is the American motion picture industry, named after the district near Los Angeles California.
  2. Bollywood derives its name from the words Bombay (presently known as Mumbai) and Hollywood. On the other hand, Hollywood is a district near Los Angeles, California, U.S.
  3. Hollywood has a physical presence, but this is not so, in the case of Bollywood.
  4. Bollywood movies come in all in one pack, i.e. you can see romance, comedy, horror, drama, family oriented stuff, etc. all in a single movie. Unlike Hollywood movies are made on subjects like Horror, science, fiction, romance, comedy, suspense, drama, etc.
  5. Hollywood movies use the latest technology along with special effects while the use of technology and special effects is quite less in movies of Bollywood.
  6. Hollywood is the highest grossing film industry. On the other end, Bollywood movie grossing is comparatively less.
  7. Bollywood movies are longer as compared to Hollywood ones.
  8. Bollywood produces more movies in a year than Hollywood.
  9. Bollywood movies are made in the Hindi language. However, other languages are also used in it. In contrast to Hollywood, which mainly incorporates the English language, but other languages are also there.


So after talking about the difference between these two film industries, I can say that the only thing that really matters to a person is a good movie which should be worth watching, no matter whether it belongs to Bollywood or Hollywood or any other film industry. People are generally more attracted to the movies which are based on reality or on some issues or which offer something new, interesting and adventurous. Many Bollywood movies are inspired by the Hollywood ones because they want more and more Indians to view the special content of the movie.

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Indian media is full of reports about Bollywood’s increasing influence in the world movie industry and how it is catching up with the big boy Hollywood. Let us look at some facts.

Bollywood was born in 1899 with the production of a short film and Hollywood’s birth happened 11 years later in 1910 with a Biography melodrama.

Hollywood produces 500 films per year on average and has a worldwide audience of 2.6 billion whereas Bollywood produces more than 1000 (not consistently) films every year and has a worldwide audience of 3 Billion. In terms of vieweship, Bollywood overtook Hollywood in 2004 and has been leading ever since.

Hollywood’s Domination
Bollywood made a revenue of $1.75 Billion in 2006(estimated to rise to $3.4 Billion in 2010) which is only half the revenue of what one Hollywood studio, Walt Disney made in 2006 – and that is saying a lot. However, while Hollywood’s market inside the US has almost saturated, India’s 500 million population under the age of 20 will ensure that the market inside India will grow exponentially in the coming years.

Although Hollywood produces only a fraction of the number of films made all over the world, it garners a staggering 75% of total revenues. Also, 50% of its earnings(expected to grow to 80% in the next 20 years) come from the foreign market whereas for Bollywood it is 20%.

Hollywood has an overwhelming domination among the top grossers worldwide – almost all of the top 50 movies are made in Hollywood. It has virtually eclipsed all other film industries except Bollywood – for instance, the European film industry cut down to 1/10th of its size since 1910.

Spiralling Production Costs and Risks
The average cost of producing, marketing and distributing a Hollywood film is more than US$60 million though a Star Wars or Harry Potter costs around $100 million and only one out of ten succeeds. At the same time Shekhar Kapur’s ‘Paani’ which is tipped to be the costliest film ever to be made in Bollywood will cost $20 million and the average cost of a big movie is around $ 5 Million. 50% of the movies produced in Bollywood are never released and on an average more than 95% of those released results in losses.

Bollywoods NRI Connection
Around 15 million Indian expatriates living in different parts of the world account for over 65% ofBollywood’s earnings. An estimated $800 is spent by NRI’s in Indian movies and music. US (2 million Indian expats), UK(1.5 million) , South Africa(1 million of Africa’s 2 million Indian population) are major markets for Bollywood.

The Bottomline
Despite the hype surrounding Bollywood’s increasing influence in the world movie industry, it is a long way from being a threat to Hollywood’s influence.
Revenue-wise Hollywood movies does not depend on ticket sales alone. It follows the time-tested ‘franchise-formula’ where a major part of the revenue comes from other segments like TV networks, magazines, home-videos etc. Ofcourse, Bollywood is toying the same line but it is too early to say if a successful process is in place.

A few years ago, 70% of the money for movies made in Mumbai came as liquid cash from traders in real-estate, jewellery and the Mumbai underworld. Things have improved, but the financing of Bollywood movies is still shady business coming largely from the non-organised sector and with virtually no financing from the banking sector unlike Hollywood where production studios and the organised sector treat it as an industry and has a well established network. Bollywood was officially recognised as an ‘industry’ by the government only in 1998.

And if Bollywood basks in the glory of dubious ‘Shah Rukh Khan has more fans than Tom Cruise’ reports for too long, it may not be a happy ending afterall.

Sources: Variety International Film Guide, Asianfilms.org, Reuters

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