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Who do you trust for a white paper source?

by Gordon Graham6 Comments

White paper writers often ask me, “What makes a good source?” That’s a great question in today’s era of “fake news” and “alternative facts.” Deliberate falsehoods are being spread from many sources: social media chatbots, agents of foreign governments, clickbait creators—not to mention vendors lying about their products. Because of all this deceit, a recent […]

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Why we’re using Pinterest for white papers

by Pauline ClarkLeave a Comment

You see “Pinterest” and you’re about to leave this page. Don’t do it. Pinterest is not just for recipes, crafts, or home decorating. We think Pinterest is the perfect place to show off B2B white papers. That’s why we started our own Pinterest board here. And this post explains what we’re doing, and why. What is Pinterest? […]

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How writing a white paper is like attending a dinner party

by Mary Kay SealesLeave a Comment

Imagine you’re invited to a dinner party with your boss. Think of your current white paper client as “your boss.” You arrive late, make a quick apology and take your seat. The others are already engaged in a deep discussion that sounds interesting and important. You think, “I need to say something impressive soon. After all, […]

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Tell the truth! Show your white paper sources

by Gordon Graham7 Comments

What do you do when you finish a white paper? If you’re like most writers, you send in your invoice, and then take the rest of the day off. But haven’t you forgotten something? What about sending your client all the sources you referenced in your white paper? How about backing up all those claims in your […]

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6 tools to help organize your white paper research

by Gordon Graham7 Comments

I often say that a white paper writer should “think like a lawyer.” That means building a mountain of research to back up your case. A lawyer needs to keep all the evidence at their fingertips, so they can pluck out exactly the right piece as they argue. That can spell the difference between winning and losing […]

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How white paper writers can use high-priced sources

by Gordon Graham9 Comments

To be an effective white paper writer, you must find good sources to back up your argument. But what if you locate what seems like a great source, but you can’t afford to access it? What if you find a market study with a price tag of $4,995? Or a promising article you can’t download without subscribing to an […]

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10 ways to be a good SME

by Janice KingLeave a Comment

This article from guest contributor Janice King offers a new perspective on how to create high-quality marketing materials by putting together a subject matter expert and a writer. Keep these tips in mind if you provide subject knowledge or share a writer with the engineers and other experts in your company. Have you ever been a SME? As […]

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Tips on white paper sources

by Gordon GrahamLeave a Comment

Any company can claim they’re the best. But finding the evidence to prove that can be tough. Doing research to turn up the right nuggets of proof gives your white paper more authority. Strong evidence creates affinity with the reader, strengthens your claims, and proves that your white paper is more than one vendor’s opinion. […]

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Tips on interviewing executives

by Gordon GrahamLeave a Comment

So you need to interview someone important for your white paper. They could be the founder of the company or the lead engineer on the project. The point is, executives are busy… and you don’t want to waste their time or sound like a noob when you speak with them. Before you panic, remember that interviewing […]

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How to record white paper interviews

by Gordon Graham2 Comments

I always thought I took great notes. After all, I worked for years as a journalist. But the first time I recorded an interview, I was humbled: My notes were all over the place?! Oh, I would catch the speaker’s meaning. And no one ever accused me of misquoting them. But when I compared my notes with […]

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General points to consider

Example White Paper

  • Nature Research cannot accept white papers that resemble primary research papers or reviews of primary research literature.
  • All submissions are required in English.
  • Missing any submission deadlines may unfortunately limit the copy-editing or layout service that can be provided by Nature Research.
  • Please note: If the sponsor material supplied does not meet the specified requirements, the sponsor should be prepared to make changes to the content in order to comply with white paper requirements and re-supply material within 2 working days to avoid missing production deadlines.
  • All contributors will have the opportunity to review fully formatted proofs with any corrections returned within 24 hours. Unfortunately there will be no further opportunities for review or submitting of changes beyond this point.


  • Should not exceed 13 words.
  • Should be specific to research activity of organization or include name of organization.


  • Authors names should be listed in full.
  • Additionally the full mailing address for each affiliated institute or business should be provided.
  • All authors must be in the employ of the contributing organization.


  • The article’s introduction should start by describing your organization’s interest in the field and finish by describing your objective and what you hope to achieve.
  • Submissions should not resemble research papers, review articles or commentary articles (do not use subheads for ‘Results’, ‘Discussion’ etc).
  • The paper should be used to highlight the research at your organization or institute, which is aligned with the topic of the supplement, with specific reference to the research at your organization in the opening and closing paragraphs.
  • The pages should not detail original research findings, but discuss your work in a summary form.
  • Background scientific information should be kept to the minimum of necessary detail; the primary objective of a white paper is to demonstrate the research at your institution and your involvement in this field.

Text format

  • Length must not exceed 5 pages (maximum 800 words per page). This includes any figures, figure legends, tables and boxes.
  • Cite no more than 20 references, numbered in the order cited.
  • Cite figure panels or tables in strict sequential order in the text.
  • The text will be English language copy-edited for grammar, spelling and typographical errors and checked to ensure guideline requirements are adhered to.

Figure legends

  • Each legend should start with a brief title that summarizes the main point of the figure.
  • The legend should describe the panel completely. All abbreviations, symbols, etc. should be defined or explained in the legend. Do not repeat information in the text.


  • Contributions should include no more than 5 figures (1 per page is suggested).
  • One figure equals: one image OR diagram OR chart OR table.
  • Please provide figures in EPS or PostScript (PS) file format. Photographic images should be provided as TIFFs or JPEGs in CMYK and at 300dpi at the final published size.
  • Text based figures should be provided at 600dpi at the final published size.
  • All submissions must be accompanied by your organization’s logo, sent as an EPS or a PS format file, preferably in CMYK format and at 300dpi at the final published size.


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